Adopt-a-Pot: Summer Flowers

Each summer, Laramie Main Street works with Windmill Hill Nursery to offer businesses large, colorful pots of flowers planted especially for downtown.  

These fully planted pots are offered at a 25% group discount through Laramie Main Street.

With each pot purchased, you’ll receive: A large pot with mature plants customized to suit your sunny or shady location AND free delivery and pick up at the start and end of the season!

If you want to pull in your pots at night, you can purchase a wheeled platform for $23 each.

You are responsible for the care and watering of the plants.  

To make a reservation for 2020, or to donate to support this program, please fill out the form below. Questions? Call Carly at 307-214-7747 or   

Adopt a Pot