Downtown Laramie Farm Walls

A collaborative project between Laramie Main Street Alliance and Vertical Community Cultivation Project in Historic Downtown Laramie, Wyoming


We invite you to explore the streets of downtown, interact with the farm walls and enjoy the produce this growing season at:

  • First Interstate Bank

  • Basecamp [returning soon!]

  • Star Awards & Promos

  • Coffey Engineering

  • Travel Inn

  • Altitude Brewery & Chophouse [this wall is privately owned and not apart of the Farm Wall Project]

This project brought to you by our generous sponsors at:

Farm Wall Logo Transparent.png

This project features FarmWall™technology from ZipGrow™.

ZipGrow’s mission is to design and manufacture the most economically viable, resource-efficient, and productive hydroponic equipment possible for people who believe in smarter, local food sources and want to participate in changing how people think about and access food

Laramie Farm Walls in the News

The project left a mark in its first season, creating a destination for visitors and locals, and establishing awareness for the company’s commitment to bring fresh, local, sustainably-grown, quality produce to people and communities. Participating business owners used the walls to build connections, while the district benefited from the eye-catching nature of the lush towers. The unexpected green spaces sparked conversation and created opportunities to connect with customers, while displaying and share vegetables and herbs right off the wall. They sometimes even brought curious walkers off the street and into the stores.

“It is so fun to see people stop and check out the walls. Some take selfies, others take snacks,” LMSA Executive Director Trey Sherwood said.

Vegetables and herbs flank buildings in the horizontal growing structures creating a public space for downtown wanderers to experience from the sidewalk. The trademarked soilless system allows for dense crops and an engaging green space.

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