Wyoming Main Street Launches Made on Main Program in Laramie and Rock Springs


Wyoming Main Street, a program of the Wyoming Business Council, is launching a Made on Main pilot program aimed at placing small manufacturers and producers in vacant downtown spaces to enhance entrepreneurship and business diversity in downtown communities. 

Such businesses could include home brewers, artisans, food production, furniture makers, clothing, health/wellness products and more. 

“Many such businessowners have built up successful companies out of their homes and might be ready to tackle the next step of a physical location dedicated to their business,” said Desiree Brothe, community development coordinator for Wyoming Main Street. 

Wyoming is the first state in the nation to undertake this type of program. 

“We hope to create a viable program to move more of our communities forward in the small-scale production and entrepreneurship sector, as well as set an example for how this can be done elsewhere,” Brothe said.  

We’re excited to work with Wyoming Main Street to launch this program and develop a strong support system for local producers, makers and boutique manufacturers. We believe it has the potential to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Laramie and Wyoming as a whole.
— LMSA Executive Director Trey Sherwood

Laramie and Rock Springs applied and were accepted as the first two communities that will launch the pilot program. They will work in partnership with Wyoming Main Street and Matt Wagner from the National Main Street Center. 

“We’re excited to work with Wyoming Main Street to launch this program and develop a strong support system for local producers, makers and boutique manufacturers,” said Trey Sherwood, director of Laramie Main Street. “We believe it has the potential to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Laramie and Wyoming as a whole.” 

Research shows small-scale manufacturing and experiential retail are on the rise in terms of their ability to provide employment, diversity and an advanced customer experience. More and more, customers are seeking locally owned companies that provide outstanding customer service and a shopping experience they can’t get online. 

“Small-scale manufacturing has emerged as a powerful way to tie opportunity to place, and can fill a key missing piece in today’s local downtown and community development efforts,” Wagner said. “Today’s consumers are looking for products with a story that is locally made and appeals to their individualism. From microbrewers to apparel and bike manufacturers, many more people are beginning to blend retail, manufacturing and wholesaling opportunities at a much smaller scale, leading to growing tourism, diversified employment and well-paid job opportunities for local communities.” 

For the next six to 12 months, Laramie and Rock Springs will work to stand up this program. Once the process has been established, Wyoming Main Street will look to launch it in other Main Street communities that demonstrate capacity and ability to take part. 

Made on Main Street Pilot Launch in Laramie Wyoming


This one-day visit is designed to engage key small-scale producer targets, partner stakeholders and the local Main Street organization to assess key assets, areas of opportunities and gaps within the market impacting the launch and growth of the community’s small-scale producers and boutique manufactures.


- Outline a support system that identifies areas of strengths and needs for supporting this market.
- Identify opportunities for launching and growing this target market.
- Align on key targets and pipelines for this market.
- Identify place-based and/or programmatic projects designed to support and grow the target market. (NOTE: The outcome being the development of a follow-up technical visit that would help to implement one of these projects)


9 AM: Discussion with Task Force to review and understand goals, current conditions, and targets based on the following Transformation Strategy: Develop downtown as a home for entrepreneurs with a focus on authentic consumer experiences and creative Third Spaces.

10 AM: Focus group of Small-Scale Producers, Makers and Manufactures

11 AM: Focus group of potential stakeholders (i.e. planning/zoning; economic development; Artisan/Crafter/Maker groups; library; college/university officials)

AFTERNOON SESSION – Open to all stakeholders and producers

1 PM: Using the Small-Scale Production Audit – Assess current strengths and gaps within the support system

2 - 2:45 PM: Discussion around key gaps and opportunities as aligned with the Transformation Strategy

3 - 3:45 PM - Discussion of Key Stakeholders/Partners – Who takes the lead on each initiative?

3:45 - 4:30 PM - Discussion of possible projects for follow-up and technical assistance from National Main Street and Wyoming Main Street

Celebration of Main Street’s Carly-Ann: Program Coordinator, Volunteer Leader, Historic Preservationist with a Vision for Our Downtown

If you’ve volunteered with Main Street, you know how critical Carly-Ann has been to our success. She is kind, organized, a team player, hard-working, smart and dedicated. We couldn’t ask for a better champion for the Main Street movement and Wyoming. We are sorry to see her go but very excited to see what she will do on a statewide level.
— LMSA Executive Director Trey Sherwood

After nine years supporting efforts to revitalize downtown Laramie, Laramie Main Street Alliance Program Coordinator Carly-Ann Carruthers is transitioning to new opportunities with Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites. 

“If you’ve volunteered with Main Street, you know how critical Carly-Ann has been to our success. She is kind, organized, a team player, hard working, smart and dedicated,” Executive Director Trey Sherwood said. “We couldn’t ask for a better champion for the Main Street movement and Wyoming. We are sorry to see her go but very excited to see what she will do on a statewide level.” 

From May 2010 to September 2010 Carly-Ann worked as Laramie Main Street’s AmeriCorps member, assisting the Design Team with the creation of guidelines based on historic preservation best practices and preparing outreach materials for the Farmers Market and organizational support for the Upstairs Downtown Tours. Using her background in historic preservation and passion for Wyoming’s history, she set activated empty storefronts with displays of historic photographs, guided downtown walking tours and created a system for volunteer recruitment.
In 2011, Carly-Ann attended her first, of many, National Main Street conferences. There she discovered the joys of strategic planning and the use of historic preservation as an economic development and community-building tool. 

From 2011 to 2014, Carly-Ann stayed engaged with Laramie Main Street as a member of the Design Team and all-around go-to volunteer. She continued to attend trainings with Wyoming Main Street, build support for improvements to Third Street, reviewed façade grants, set up a volunteer database, engaged volunteers and donors, assisted with grant writing and fundraising. 

Impressed with her dedication, work ethic and smarts, in September 2014 the board hired Carly-Ann as Main Street’s first every Program Coordinator with a focus on historic preservation and volunteer recruitment. In July 2019, with Carly-Ann’s successful application to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation for a capacity building grant, her position, initially a part-time role, became full-time. 

Carly is the perfect picture of a dedicated Main Streeter. Her dedication to our community, willingness to go above and beyond her duties and enthusiasm for change-making in any environment has undeniably been an inspiration. It has been a gift to watch her work unfold behind the scenes through countless projects, events, programs and growth spurts that have cultivated and nurtured a thriving, engaging and adored downtown district for all walks of life.

— LMSA Communications Coordinator Jessica Brauer

“Carly is the perfect picture of a dedicated Main Streeter,” Communications Coordinator and colleague Jessica Brauer said. “Her dedication to our community, willingness to go above and beyond her duties and enthusiasm for change-making in any environment has undeniably been an inspiration.  It has been a gift to watch her work unfold behind the scenes through countless projects, events, programs and growth spurts that have cultivated and nurtured a thriving, engaging and adored downtown district for all walks of life.”

Carly-Ann has been instrumental in providing research, historic preservation resources and design advice for property owners in the district. With her guidance, we’ve been able to save or preserve many of the original facades downtown.

She has managed the “Adopt-a-Pot” flower program, holiday lights, downtown walking tours, and is responsible for district wide clean up days. Behind-the-scenes, Carly-Ann also tracked volunteer hours, donor engagement, maintained a business database and advised on fundraising strategies. 

“Carly’s energy and can do attitude is infectious. Carly is always willing to step in and assume duties for tasks and projects when no one else is,” LMSA Board Chair and business owner Shantel Anderson said. “It has been a joy working with her and we are so lucky to have had someone as dedicated as Carly to set the bar high for staff, board members, and volunteers of Mainstreet.”

Long-standing volunteer and former board member Jerry Schmidt said, “Carly is a pleasure to work with. She is always respectful of others, ready to lead or help with the next task, has a good sense of humor, and quietly gets things done. You can depend on her.”

During Main Street events like BrewFest, Mash Up, Farmers Markets and Small Business Saturday, Carly-Ann can be found picking up trash, organizing volunteers, running tech, decorating booths, and doing the heavy lifting during setup. Sherwood shared, “Everything she did, even the smallest chore, she did with a vision for a more vibrant, thriving downtown”. 

Carly’s energy and can-do attitude is infectious. Carly is always willing to step in and assume duties for tasks and projects when no one else is. It has been a joy working with her and we are so lucky to have had someone as dedicated as Carly to set the bar high for staff, board members, and volunteers of Mainstreet.
— LMSA Board Chair and Business Owner Shantel Anderson

“Working with the passionate board, staff, and volunteers at Main Street has been a rewarding experience,” Carly-Ann said in regards to her transition. “I've learned so much from our downtown business owners and community leaders, and Trey is a stellar mentor who has given me countless opportunities to grow and succeed.  I will miss the energy of Downtown Laramie, but promise to continue volunteering and shopping local!”

Carly-Ann took the lead on many projects that will have a lasting impact on downtown and Laramie’s quality of life. She was the backbone for the development of the Third Street plan, the soon to be executed community-wide wayfinding (directional signage) plan, the update to the National Register nomination, and the feasibility study to save the Wyo Theater. 

Laramie Main Street will be hiring a new Program Coordinator this fall. Applications are due September 6. Resumes, a cover letter and three references can be emailed to downtownlaramie@gmail.com. For a complete job description, visit laramiemainstreet.org/news/programcoordinator.

Laramie Main Street Alliance Now Hiring Full-Time Program Coordinator

Applicants please submit a resume, three references and cover letter outlining interest in the position detailed below to LMSA Executive Director Trey Sherwood at downtownlaramie@gmail.com or 115 Ivinson Ave. by September 6th. Questions can be sent via email or (307)760-3354.

Laramie Main Street Alliance

Laramie Main Street Alliance - Program Coordinator

Job Description and Qualifications, August 2019

The primary responsibility of the Project Coordinator is to assist the Executive Director with the daily tasks of running the Laramie Main Street Alliance (LMSA) in accordance with our mission to preserve historic downtown Laramie while enhancing its social and economic vitality.

This position will take the lead on volunteer recruitment, coordination and retention, assist with relationship building, donor and sponsor engagement, and provide administrative and organizational support for priority revitalization projects and special events like BrewFest, the Farmers Market, Mash Up and Small Business Saturday.

Minimum Qualifications: The Project Coordinator should be

  • Organized and self-motivated

  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Value relationships and community building

  • Enjoy working with diverse stakeholders

  • Be able to inspire and lead people

  • Customer service oriented

  • Thoughtful and patient

  • Willing to try new things

  • Dependable yet flexible

Preference will be given to applicants who have experience with:

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Donor engagement

  • Special events

  • Project coordination

  • Grant writing

  • Main Street

  • Non-profit management

This is a full-time, salaried position. Staff receives a monthly $100 stipend for health insurance, sick leave, vacation, flextime and paid professional development. Salary ranges from $30,000 to $34,000 based on experience.  See attached: Organizational Chart and Priorities list

The Project Coordinator shall carry out the following:

  • Attend committee meetings to provide reports, guidance, and work plan oversight. Keep the committees informed of important Main Street activities, events, and work relating to that committee’s function.  

  • Assist the Director in providing administrative and organizational support for priority revitalization projects updated annually by the Board of Directors.  

  • Administrative duties include office management and coverage, purchasing, record keeping, filing project materials, and financial reporting for Promotion and Organization Team projects.

  • Supervise interns working in the areas of outreach, fundraising and special events. 


  • Provide administrative and organizational support for special events including checklists, permitting, booking vendors, securing musicians, equipment rentals, budgeting, tracking income and expenses, organizing sponsorship packets and invoices, and ensuring volunteer coverage. 


  • Maintain a business, property, volunteer, sponsor, and donor database using Maestro Community Manager Software (training is available). 

  • Assist Main Street’s Organization Team in the recruitment, training, and appreciation of volunteers including tracking volunteer hours, scheduling volunteers for projects and events, and coordinating an annual volunteer appreciation event.  

  • Assist the Board and Organization Team with the coordination of donor outreach materials, fundraising campaigns and thank you notes. Create and implement an annual calendar of outreach strategies. Build relationships with donors and sponsors to ensure their shared goals, gifts and in kind support are being appropriately recognized.

Laramie Main Street Hosts 4th Biennial Laramie Pop-Up Artwalk

Laramie Wyoming Pop Up Art Walk

For one weekend the 4th Biennial Laramie Pop-Up Artwalk will transform downtown Laramie into a dynamic artspace filled with local art, live theatre, music, demos, and opportunities for the public to make art.  The mission is to create a downtown event that is fully inclusive and highlights our community’s visual, musical, and performing artists.  

This year’s Artwalk features local artists, musicians, performers, a few non-local guest artists partnering with local artists, as well as an Artists’ Village with a performance stage, vintage trailers, a community art making table, and overlaps with NU2U’s annual street dance on Friday night, located next to the Artist Village.

Artists are able to apply and participate. To be listed on the event map, sign up by August 1 by emailing rachellerose@gmail.com Participating artists and businesses are encouraged to make a $25 donation to help cover event costs. 

The Artwalk is organized by an enthusiastic team of creatives under the umbrella of Laramie Main Street. Performing artists are being coordinated by Anne Mason of Relative Theatrics.  

The original Artwalk was the brainchild of the Wyoming Art Party, established in 2014 by three local Laramie artists, June Glasson, Meg Thompson and Adrienne Vetter with the focus of organizing art projects and shows that connect individuals and groups, scattered throughout Wyoming, who work in different regions, disciplines (fine arts, writing, music, craft) and from different backgrounds, with the aim of creating work that truly represents art in Wyoming as it is, rather than as it is thought to be. 

Financial support for the Artwalk is provided by Laramie Main Street and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

Contact information: popupartwalk@gmail.com

Artists should contact: rachellerose@gmail.com

Musicians & performers contact: am.anne.mason@gmail.com

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/399686357515691/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1467376523583539/

Main Street Expands Community Farm Wall Project in Downtown

Laramie Main Street Alliance (LMSA) and Vertical Community Cultivation Project (VCCP) reintroduced and expanded the Laramie Farm Wall Project to Downtown Laramie in June 2019. The project, launched originally in 2017 as a collaborative placemaking and sustainable agriculture project, set out to provide a unique, interactive green space within the historic district that serves as a display of public art, community engagement and conversation starter on local foods. 

“Good design is a pillar to any successful Main Street program. Holistically, things like flowers, green space, banners, bike racks and benches indicate to people that they are welcome and safe in an area. Visual aesthetics, like the farm walls, invite people to linger and explore, leading to a discovery of local businesses,” LMSA Executive Director Trey Sherwood said. “From best practices, we know that a good looking downtown is also a high producing district in terms of sales tax collection and property value. By investing in the physical infrastructure of the district, we are giving local businesses a leg up on the competition. 

“Bringing together community and human development organizations to work with private business and citizens is where the power of this program lies,” VCCP’s Travis Hines said. “I hope that the vibrancy of these walls will create an opportunity for people to discuss positive change and that bringing people together towards a common goal will give communities the strength to do so.”

Laramie locals and visitors can find the newest tower display at the corner of 2nd Street and Ivinson Avenue, behind, and hosted by First Interstate Bank, as well as experience previous downtown installations at, Star Awards & Promos, Travel Inn and Coffey Engineering. 

“Growing food for yourself and others is extremely gratifying and rewarding. With a seed, water, sunlight and care, anyone can create something of value to share with their family and community; and that it can be done almost anywhere,” Hines said. The project is spearheaded by LMSA and VCCP with the help of local businesses, volunteers and ZipGrowTM technology. The sustainably grown produce, including greens, berries and peppers, is donated to the Laramie Soup Kitchen, though the public is encouraged to interact with the walls by picking and enjoying the fruits, vegetables and herbs throughout the growing season. 

“I love that, as a community focused non-profit, we get to engage in creative collaborations to make our downtown a destination. Expanding the Farm Wall program gives us an opportunity to surprise and wow residents and visitors while beautifying our surroundings. Working with VCCP has been so much fun. Travis really understands the importance of providing an authentic experience that has the added benefit of directly impacting community,” Sherwood said. 

Updates on this project can be found at laramiemainstreet.org/farmswalls or by contacting LMSA’s Communication Coordinator Jessica Brauer at jessicaebrauer@gmail.com or Travis Hines at vertical.community.cultivation@gmail.com

Laramie Main Street Alliance

Laramie Main Street Alliance strives to preserve historic Downtown Laramie while enhancing its economic and social vitality. LMSA is a part of the State of Wyoming’s Main Street program under the Wyoming Business Council. Guided by the principles of the National Main Street Program, the organization meets its goals by following the Main Street four-point approach, which included design, organization, economic restructuring and promotion. Learn more at laramiemainstreet.org.

Main Street Hosts 14th Annual Brewfest in Downtown Laramie

Main Street Hosts 14th Annual Brewfest in Downtown Laramie

Laramie Main Street Alliance (LMSA) will host the 14th Annual Laramie Brewfest, their primary fundraising event on Saturday, July 13 at Depot Park in Downtown Laramie.

Laramie’s Brewfest hosts over 2,000 participants sampling beers, listening to live music and connecting with local vendors, while raising funds to ensure LMSA’s services remain free to every business, building and entrepreneur in the downtown district and in support for downtown improvement projects, beautification and public art. This year attendees can expect to enjoy samples from over 75 brewers from across the country, local food trucks and live music from Mama Lenny and the Remedy and Wolves in Cheap Clothing.

Main Street Joins Rural LISC Conference to Catalyze Community Opportunities

Laramie Main Street Alliance to Attend National Rural LISC Conference convening more than 250 rural community development experts to catalyze new opportunities in rural America

Laramie, WY — As the new member to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Laramie Main Street Alliance is pleased to announce it will send staff to the 2019 Rural LISC Seminar, an annual national conference for rural community development professionals. This year’s Seminar will be held in Monticello, New York June 4-7 and will provide a unique forum to learn about new rural economic development opportunities; gain valuable insight on critical issues facing rural America such as the 2020 Census; develop asset building tools and organizational development strategies; and offer a networking environment for sharing knowledge with rural development colleagues from across the country.

Trey Sherwood, Executive Director for Laramie Main Street, shared her enthusiasm in being able to attend this seminar. “We are excited to be exposed to new resources for our businesses, network with other economic development professionals in rural settings, and come back fresh and empowered to roll up our sleeves and make a difference in our community”.

LISC President and CEO Maurice Jones will welcome attendees with a keynote address. Participants will engage in three days of plenary and workshop sessions organized around:

  • Economic Development – exploring new ways to catalyze economic development through downtown revitalization efforts, innovative wealth and skill-building strategies, and Opportunity Zones.  

  • Capacity Building – discovering how to increase organizational capacity through bridging generational differences in the workplace, asset and property management, and innovative financing tools.

  • Community Development – learning about the latest rural community development trends and how to best respond to them, including the opioid crisis, transportation barriers, and fighting isolation/striving for inclusion among our LGBTQ community.

“Laramie Main Street exemplifies the very best in bringing innovative programming to their community, and we are delighted that they are attending this year’s Seminar,” said Suzanne Anarde, LISC Vice President and Rural LISC Director.  

Downtown Laramie Wyoming

About Laramie Main Street Alliance

Laramie Main Street Alliance strives to preserve historic Downtown Laramie while enhancing its economic and social vitality. Laramie Main Street Alliance is a part of the State of Wyoming's Wyoming Main Street program under the Wyoming Business Council.  Guided by the principles of the National Main Street Program, our organization meets its goals by following the Main Street four point approach which includes design, organization, economic restructuring and promotion. Learn more ar https://laramiemainstreet.org/mainstreet.

About Rural LISC

Launched in 1995, Rural LISC is the rural component of the largest community development support organization in the country, called LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation). For 24 years, Rural LISC has partnered with rural communities, helping to forge innovative solutions that lead to prosperity and opportunity. Rural LISC’s investments in rural America have totaled $1.25 billion in grants, equity and low-cost loan funds. Rural LISC has leveraged this investment resulting in $3.3 billion from public and private sources, to produce 35,000 affordable homes and apartments, create 4 million square feet of commercial and community space, assist 700 businesses, create 12,000 jobs and support 20 early childhood centers. By generating resources and investing in the grassroots efforts of its 89 partner community-based organizations, Rural LISC is committed to making rural communities good places to live, work, do business and raise children. Learn more at www.lisc.org/rural.

Now Hiring: Farmers Market Manager

 The Laramie Main Street Alliance (LMSA) is seeking a Market Manager for the 2019 season. This individual should be a strong communicator, team player, self motivated and organized. Experience working with food systems, markets, events and/or non-profits is a plus. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume and three references to Shantel Anderson, LMSA Board Chair and Market Chair, at orders@starawards.promo by Feb. 8, 2019. This is a part time, seasonal position.

For more information about Laramie Main Street, visit: www.laramiemainstreet.org 

The Downtown Laramie Farmers Market is a weekly event hosted by Laramie Main Street on Friday afternoons from the last week in June through the end of September. The market provides access to locally and regionally grown produce, farm products, local artisans and non-profits. In addition to food trucks, and and drinks and food stalls, live entertainment provides a vibrant market atmosphere. The market’s goal is to drive traffic downtown, increase sales for local entrepreneurs and create a sense of vibrancy within the Laramie community.

Manager Position

The Market Manager is a vital contributor to the planning and coordination of the vendors and supporting agencies.  It is a part time position with primary responsibility being the day-to-day operation of the farmers market in the summer, but a large component of the planning occurs before the market begins in the spring.  An ideal manager has strong communication skills, necessary for working with Laramie Main Street market committee, the City of Laramie, as well as a developing a close working relationship with the market vendors.  The manager has a flexible schedule regarding correspondence pre-season (spring).  During the market season (summer), the position includes an on-site presence at the market during all market hours, Fridays, 1 to 8 pm. The manager will report to the committee chair from Laramie Main Street’s market committee, who will set market policies. In addition, the manager will represent the market to vendors, market consumers, and to the community.

Pre-season (spring)

  • Review and update market application and vendor fees

  • Send out application to previous vendors and past waitlists

  • Respond to emails regarding the application process

  • Coordinate with committee members about permit acquisition and requests for assistance from the City of Laramie:

    • Waste 

    • Streets 

    • Parks

  • Work with committee members to schedule weekly musical entertainment and other market needs (i.e. portable toilets)

  • With assistance from Main Street’s fundraising committee, contact past and potential sponsors of the SNAP incentive

  • Review applications, build a map and proposed vendor list; review with committee members

  • Contact approved vendors

  • Prepare a letter for vendors reminding them of rules and expectations

  • Coordinate with LMSA committee about an advertising campaign for the market; ensure the vendor application and payment options are available online

  • Confirm payment systems are functioning (EBT, Square, and PayPal)

  • Prepare a formal report to the committee about the upcoming market season


In-seasonMarket Season (summer)

  • Respond to email and phone requests for the market

  • Weekly duties:

    • Confirm market layout and vendor list for the specific date

    • Call dispatch about remaining cars parked in lot

    • Organizing vendors into locations* 

    • Erect market tent and music tent* 

    • Arrange trash and other temporary market features*

    • Communicate with vendors about updates, issues, and questions*

    • Facilitate the Market Money program (collecting payments via credit/debit and EBT cards in exchange for tokens for use with the market vendors)*

    • Collect remaining payments from vendors (if not processed online)*

    • Closing the market by breaking down market tents*

    • Walk the the market location and collect trash*

    • Deposit market fees

  • Track income and expense and provide weekly reports to LMSA’s accountant

  • Communicate with committee chair about needs, issues and other pertinent information as necessary 

*Many of these duties are done in conjunction with the Market Assistant who is available weekly during the market  

Post-season/Wrap up

  • Coordinate with committee surveys for customers, vendors, and downtown businesses

  • Prepare a formal report to the committee about the market season, including recommendations for future years

Laramie Main Street Prepares for Transformation in 2019

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for individuals. As part of its ongoing work to revitalize downtown Laramie, Laramie Main Street is seeking feedback from the public on what they want downtown to be like in the future.

“We all have things we love about downtown and things we wish were different. This process is a great opportunity for our community, business owners, consumers, partners and volunteers to document their thoughts in a way that will influence our strategies moving forward” said Laramie Main Street Director, Trey Sherwood.

As part of a refresh to the Main Street 4-point approach, economic vitality, design, organization and promotion, downtown Laramie will adopt “Transformation Strategies” with assistance from National Main Street and Wyoming Main Street.

Based on broad community input, Main Street will be adopting measurable strategies that over the course of several years will bring about positive, intentional change in downtown’s economy. The strategies will focus on expanding a specific type of business or meeting the needs of certain types of customers.

The short survey, asking things like, “What are the top issues facing downtown” and “what business types would you like to see downtown” will be open January 7 – 17 via www.laramiemainstreet.org. It can also be accessed directly through this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KPBN3KX

Survey results will be reviewed by the Laramie Main Street board at 5 pm on January 22 at 115 Ivinson Avenue during a visit with National Main Street staff. For more information about the “Transformation Strategy” process or to get involved, email downtownlaramie@gmail.com.